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DID YOU KNOW THAT? #5 Tax havens in Canada

We should simply ban tax havens. This would allow us to recover approximately $ 800 million in taxes in Quebec and $ 3 billion a year in Canada.

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Saviez-vous que #5 Les paradis fiscaux

Nous devrions tout simplement interdire les paradis fiscaux. Ceci nous permettrait de récupérer en impôts approximativement 800 millions $ au Québec et 3 milliards $ par année au Canada.

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IAMAW 2019 Tranportation Conference 

Today, in Las Vegas, the IAMAW 2019 transportation conference began. 

For the occasion more than 800 delegates from across North America (10 from Quebec on a total of 50  Canadian delegates), the Machinists representatives Met in Las Vegas to hear, elected officials and to participate in workshops on transportation issues in North America.

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