About the Council

Founded in 1974, the Machinists Council (CMQ) regroups

all members of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW) in Quebec. It is the place where IAMAW members in Quebec unite their strength to fight for justice at work and serve the community.


Our Mission

Promote cooperation and unity of action between the IAMAW Districts and Local Lodges in Quebec in the fields of education, union leadership, political action, communications, and public relations.

Areas of intervention


Through its Director of Education, the QMC is in charge of coordinating the training activities of IAMAW union representatives in Quebec. It also ensures the updating of the content of the trainings and the expertise of the IAMAW recognized trainers.

Political Action

Through its Director of Political Action, the QMC organizes, promotes and coordinates political action campaigns. It also keeps the locals informed about the impacts of our governments' decisions on the working place and the quality of life of all workers.

Youth committee

Through the work of its Youth committee Officer, the QMC is working on the recruitment and the mobilization of the next generation of union leaders. The union replacement officer also has the mandate to sensitize the new generation of IAMAW members on the importance of the union movement, the different problems that affect their workplace and the importance of being involved in the labor movement.

Public Relations

Through the work of its Director of Public Relations, the QMC works to promote and defend the interests of IAMAW members and to spread the word about the various campaigns in which it is involved.

To this end, the Director of Public Relations oversees planning and coordinating the QMC's communications.

Congress CMQ

The QMC Convention is held every three years in the spring.

Each Local and District can send a certain number of delegates and observers. The delegates who attend the Convention have the mandate to set the priorities of the QMC and to influence its evolution by taking position on the resolutions that are presented and by electing the members of its executive.

Each Local and District can send a certain number of delegates and observers.

The Local lodge representation is determined by the number of members. For example, a Local with 501 to 750 members is eligible to send a maximum of 6 Delegates and 6 Observers. Districts with headquarters in Quebec may send one delegate and one observer.