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Politics20 March 2023

Activists from the QFL affiliated unions meet with members of the National Assembly.

On March 15, the 5th Day of Meetings of QFL activists with parliamentarians of the National Assembly was held. Nearly one hundred members of affiliated unions had the opportunity to exchange and discuss with parliamentarians in order to make them aware of their concerns, to discuss social issues and to talk about the future. Nearly 70 meetings were held with MPs. The fight against inflation, the... Read the article »

Politics22 February 2023

More than 600 people will lose their jobs at Montreal-Trudeau Airport

Montreal Airport (ADM) has decided to revoke the licenses of airport services subcontractors Swissport and ATS, resulting in the loss of approximately 600 jobs by June. The IAMAW denounces the use of contract flipping and have been on the frontlines of advocating. " We have 175 members who will lose their jobs because of an unfair practice," said IAMAW District 140 General Chairperson... Read the article »

Politics10 February 2023

Consultations begin on the future of the Quebec Pension Plan 

Consultations on changes to the Quebec Pension Plan began Wednesday at the National Assembly. The CAQ and its Finance Minister Éric Girard say they are seriously considering the idea of raising the age of eligibility for the first QPP payments from 60 to 62. According to the Minister, the financial health of the plan is not an issue in this matter. The CAQ's argument to justify its... Read the article »

Politics9 February 2023

Hundreds of labour activists descend on Ottawa

February 7 was the Canadian Labour Congress Lobby Day. For the occasion, more than 400 union activists, including 74 from the IAMAW, went to Parliament Hill to share their concerns with MPs and Senators. A total of 150 official meetings took place during the day.  This massive political action effort was aimed at raising awareness and getting politicians to make decisions that respect workers,... Read the article »

Politics30 August 2022

The Government of Quebec makes the right choice by focusing on aerospace

The unveiling of the Quebec Aerospace Strategy, Horizon 2026 is excellent news for the industry. This strategy will allow many companies in the sector to recover from the pandemic and will contribute to the realization of important projects for our aerospace ecosystem.  As a representative of the largest aerospace union in Quebec and North America, I participated in the consultations that... Read the article »