Training / Education 24 January 2023

CMQ Training: Introduction to Occupational Health and Safety, Federal Jurisdiction

On January 18, 19 and 20, a dozen of your sisters and brothers from Locals 2309 and 1751, successfully completed the training, Introduction to Occupational Health and Safety under Federal Jurisdiction.
Dealing with occupational health and safety issues is an important part of a union representative's job. The interventions that our health and safety representatives carry out are essential to the protection of our members and the improvement of their work environment. For this reason, we would like to congratulate all the participants for their involvement and their willingness to assert your rights in matters of occupational health and safety. 

The following people participated in the training: Gino Arsenault, Xavier Pallares, Alix Marchand Vaillancourt, Tom Blackburn, Costa Kripouris, Chantale Bordeleau, Nathalie Denis, Claudia De Sousa, Bruce Ryder, Nicholas Viera, Steward Michaelson, Debbie Durand, Nasr Kairouz, James Murray and Moses Dhanani.

A special mention to the trainers, Louis St-Laurent and Alessandro Bernardelli for their excellent work.

Access to quality training is essential to carry out our mission of defending and improving the rights of all members of the Machinists Union. This is why the CMQ ensures the transfer and updating of all occupational health and safety knowledge.



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