Politics 9 February 2023

Hundreds of labour activists descend on Ottawa

February 7 was the Canadian Labour Congress Lobby Day. For the occasion, more than 400 union activists, including 74 from the IAMAW, went to Parliament Hill to share their concerns with MPs and Senators. A total of 150 official meetings took place during the day. 

This massive political action effort was aimed at raising awareness and getting politicians to make decisions that respect workers, their families and their communities. This work is essential in order to present to elected officials the forms of injustice and problems we face in our society and to propose solutions. This kind of involvement is necessary for the health of our democracy and it is important to engage in this kind of exercise whether as a unionist or as a citizen.

Here are the four main themes that were discussed between activists and federal politicians.
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Adding anti-scab legislation to the Canada Labour Code
Passing Bill C-228 to better protect pensions in the event of corporate bankruptcy, 
Investing in the care economy
Jobs in a sustainable economy


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