Training / Education 28 April 2023

CMQ Training: Accident Investigation, April 27 and 28, 2023

During the last week of April 2023, a dozen of your sisters and brothers from Locals 1758, 712 and 2309, successfully completed the accident investigation training. Congratulations to each of them for their involvement and their willingness to defend your rights in matters of health and safety in the workplace. We would also like to thank the trainers, Alessandro Bernardelli and Stéphane Paré for their excellent work.

The following people participated in the training: Michel Boivin,Stéphane Labranche, Patrick Yale, Alexandre Lessard, Ronald Bush, Louis Genest Grégoire, Myriam Rochon, Maxime Potami, Jean-Marc Bernier and Mathieu Ouellet.

Access to quality training is an asset in our mission to defend and improve the rights of all Machinists Union members. Dealing with occupational health and safety issues is an important part of a union representative's role. This is why the CMQ ensures the transfer and updating of all occupational health and safety knowledge.


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