Training / Education 30 May 2023

QMC trains new shop stewards

From May 24 to 26, your sisters and brothers from Local 1751 and 2468 took the shop steward training.

At the forefront of union action, the steward ensures that the collective agreement and the quality of life at work of his or her brothers and sisters are respected.

Congratulations to each of them, for their involvement and for their willingness to ensure that your rights at work are respected. We would also like to thank Alessandro Bernardelli and Alfredo Acrobati for their excellent work as trainers.

The following people participated in the training:
Jene Simmons, Sophie Dupuis, Daphnée Shonfield, Véronique Harbour, Elizabeth Rocki, Georges Papatsakonas et Gyna Torres.  

Transferring knowledge and learning about different labour relations practices is essential to ensure effective worker representation. This is why the Quebec Machinists Council, in partnership with the affiliated Local Lodges, has made it its mission to ensure access to quality training for all IAMAW representatives.


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