Training / Education 26 January 2024


From January 17 to 19, twenty of your sisters and brothers from Locals 2309, 2468, 1751, 869 and 712 attended the training session, "Taking charge of your retirement".

After spending many years at work, the moment of retirement becomes an important step that transforms the life of new retirees. That is why it is important to take the time to prepare for it.

In this training, participants will have the opportunity to address not only the financial aspects, but also the impact of retirement on their habits and pace of life. The objective of this training is to provide our members with the tools to make the transition to retirement as smooth as possible.

We would like to thank Éric Goudreau and Derren Legault who acted as trainer.

Participants in this training were: From Local 2309, Francis Bada, Michel Brisebois and Pierre Gagnon. From Local 712, Luis DeMiguel, Juan Orego and Amir Dalili. From Local 2468, Josée Lavoie, Marcel Laroque, Étienne Saint-Laurent, Hany Takla and Mathieu Landry. From Local 1751, Annie Bellemare Isabelle Perreault-Viger, Josiane Bergeron, Judith Lambert, Martin Choquette, Paolo Pasquini, Patrick Laramée, Sonia Cusson and Sylvie Haberstich. From Local 869, Martin Breton.

Congratulations to all!


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